challange Check21saas

-Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) & X9 file submission clearing for Financial Institutions -. Cloud based solution with Head Office Admin dashboard, remote Branch operations dashboard and treasury client dashboard & scanners -SAAS service for Financial Institutions & Global Enterprises processing with OCR

challange Axepay

-E-KYC -CMS module -FX settlement -Cross Border RMB settlement

challange Yourinvited

-Mobile invitation for events and social gatherings -Geo-localization -Tracking system -Your destination populated by attractions, restaurants, retail stores and more

challange Articul8te

-Our more recent release for Sales, Content & Task management application both Web & Mobile. -A suite of features includes; Private or Public mode with Group set-up, To-do-Lists, Social-media & Articles publishing -Creating Tasks and Invites, with tracking and calendar functionality.

challange Onroute

-Customer booking application for Car Service -Customizable interface -Transaction based SAAS model -Track your employees -Track your driver -Track your package -Geo Tracking -Real time

challange Mytravel

-Designed to capture the Consumer & Business pre-order food market -Onboard or inflight menu sales -The application allows transport operators to easily integrate and import menu options.

challange Genopay

-Merchants now have the ability to take contactless payment! Click & Scan -GenoPay is the new QR code payment solution seamlessly integrated into -Powered by an International payment network, tokenization and ecommerce functionality. - Includes Card management, top-up and card-to-card transfer features

challange QrGuru

The digital lead generator using QR codes for automated management of Prize Scan campaigns, Event registry check-in and Personalized target shopping pages.

challange Granularchain is a new methodical approach to the chain. The Virtual exchange engine allows Enterprises, Businesses and Individuals to exchange profiles and data securely.


-Fully digital catering ordering application for both web & mobile -Customer/merchant/admin dashboards -Mobile apps -Customizable interface -Made for ecompanies vent and catering


-A real-time digital solution with integrated Wallet and API’s -Digital couponing & incentives -Card management module for both issuer or membership user experience -Proximity beacon technology for marketing ads & promoting offers -Social media wizard -Merchant & Customer APPs for frictionless transactions -Fully integrated payment gateway -Real-time data and analytics


-A digital Events & Mobile ticketing management solution. -Create your Events, Conferences, Exhibitors, Collaborators, Partner Suppliers, Ticketing and registrations -Web & Mobile Applications with fully integrated payment gateway - Fully integrated with modules for seamless user experience


-A digital job seeker solution for both merchant and job seeker -This innovative solution is QR Code based and allows the job seeker to simply upload their CV and Profile within seconds -Allows the merchant to have access to hundreds of pedestrians without interrupting business


-Your Profile Review is a people search engine that organizes public records and social network information into simple profiles to help you safely find and learn about people -Building a case file on individuals is now a simple task